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millenialhomebuyers2Excerpted from an article by PJ Wade for realtytimes.com

“When you’re moving into a new house, the more you know about it before you must know – during a high-pressure day, emergency, or crisis – the  happier you and your family will be.  Closing day took care of the legal & financial aspects, while move-in day got you and your stuff in the premises.

Get off to a great start in your new home by attending to these “little details” which will also make this feel like “our home.”  Ignore them and they can cause problems down the road – involve the whole family in dealing with these 10 tips and everyone will feel at home.

  1.  Our New Passwords:  Change codes and passwords for security systems and anything else you are taking over from the previous owner.  Record them and keep them in a safe place.
  2. Our New Keys:  Change the locks on the house, garage, outbuildings and gates.  If you’re happy with the existing hardware, a local locksmith can re-key or change the lock.  Check window locks to ensure all are fully functional.
  3. Our Smoke/CO Detectors:  Your local fire department can tell you the best locations for detectors.  Interconnect units if possible.  Check existing units for expiration dates.
  4. Our Manuals:  Start a digital and /or paper folder for manuals for every appliance, detector, and operation device that could need repair or replacement.  Jot down maintenance reminders on your maintenance calendar while you inventory what you have.
  5. Our Electrical Breaker Panel:  Where is it?  What does each circuit breaker connect to?  Get out the labels and do a room-by-room check so you know what’s what and record this by each breaker.  If you have cable or other wired services, find out when the exterior and interior cables and hardware were last updated – you may be due for an upgrade.
  6. Our Water Shut-Off:  Where is the main shut-off? How do you turn off the water line to the refrigerator, dishwasher, washing machine, and every other  potential source of leaks?  Check temperature settings where applicable to suit your conservations plans.
  7. Our Furnace:  Clean or replace filters in the furnace, range hood, air conditioner, and any other filtered appliances.  Note times for the next clean on your maintenance calendar.
  8. Our Clean, Dry Home:  Steam-cleaning carpets is a no-brainer, but make sure gutters and downspouts are cleaned too.  To ensure the house stays dry, check that the grading is correct and the way around the house.  Are windows and doors properly caulked?
  9. Our Undisturbed Garbage:  Ask neighbors or your POA about local pests and wildlife to m make sure you prevent their invasion.
  10. Our New Closets:  Don’t make do with someone else’s closets.  Fit out closets with racks and shelving that suits you, and do it now instead of later.  Making adjustments to an empty closet is a lot easier….”

SOURCE:  P.J. Wade for realtytimes.com


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