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Kim Komando, Technology Columnist, gives us her views on computer technology via the   Asheville Citizen-Times newspaper.  Here are a few excerpts from one of her recent articles about “DIGITAL MANNERS”.

“…just when we needed some good news, instead we hear that the FAA is debating whether to let airline passengers use their cell phones during flights…hard to think of anyone who would volunteer to sit next to a guy with a loud voice yammering into his cellphone on a cross-country trip!…there’s one thing we can agree on:  our collective digital manners could use some work!”

  • Be in the moment!  When you are physically with friends & family BE WITH THEM.  Focus on those around you – not your phone or tablet.
  • Learn how to TURN IT OFF!  Make sure you know how to completely silence your phone or tablet.
  • Keep your voice down!
  • Keep the sound and light down.
  • Know This:  Snarky Comments Can Backfire.
  • Don’t bug people on Facebook.  Create your own community and let others live in theirs.
  • Don’t walk and text (or post) at the same time…or chew gum.
  • Tweet unto others as you would have them tweet unto you.
  • Pass your own good digital manners on, especially to your children.
  • Be nice….the simplest tip, but sometimes the most forgotten~!

SOURCE:   Kim Komando/Asheville Citizen-Times/Ideas/Jan. 5, 2014



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