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ashevilleairportExcerpted from an article by Mike Cronin for the Asheville Citizen-Times.

“Expanding the number of airlines and routes servicing Asheville Regional Airport requires maintaining existing relationships with legacy carriers, developing options with Allegiant Air, and further marketing of Asheville as a destination and a brand, two consultants (reporting to the Asheville Chamber Of Commerce) said Wednesday…among the most significant conclusions yielded by the five-month study was that passengers who chose to fly from airports other than Asheville did so due to a lack of flights rather than the price of tickets…

The short-term likelihood of more routes being offered by legacy carriers American Airlines, Delta and united is slim…those carriers must be confident they can fill flight seats, among other considerations, before establishing new service.  But cultivating opportunities with Allegiant while simultaneously demonstrating that Asheville as a place where people want to come could lead to landing major routes in the future.

The Allegiant Baltimore-Asheville connection will be temporary only, lasting from May through August, and only two flights per week.  According to consultants, if Asheville could create success from Baltimore to Asheville, that will help to open up other markets -= especially in small to mid-size cities such as Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and Columbus….and continued success with those types of markets ultimately could result in one of the three legacy airlines awarding Asheville a nonstop flight to a large city such as Boston.


  • 41% Traffic increase at Asheville in past ten years.
  • 75% Increase in revenue in past ten years.
  • 20% Increase in capacity since 2012.
  • 400,000+ passengers boarding in 2015, a 9% increase from 2014.
  • 17% Increase in average AVL fare over the past ten years.
  • 42% Increase in average airline fare nationwide over the past ten years.
  • $184 Average AVL fare in 2015, compared with $157 ten years ago.”

SOURCE:  Mike Cronin – Asheville Citizen/Times

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