CFR Market News Volume 2 Issue 10 August 2010
Summer in Brevard NC – Something for Everyone!

Outdoor AdventureImagine one hundred thousand acres of pristine forests laced with epic hiking and mountain biking trails that you can follow all the way to the edge of the sky. Shimmering mountain streams teeming with native trout. Massive rock monoliths daring to be climbed. And North America’s largest concentration of waterfalls, millions of years in the making, waiting to be discovered.

Our Parks and Forest

The name Transylvania, though evocative of folktales and old world mystery, translates as “Across the Forest.” This is an apt description for a county thick with lush forests and magnificent natural vistas. Over fifty percent of the land in Transylvania is publicly owned and protected ensuring all with a desire for exploration the chance to enjoy some of the Southeast’s most extraordinary natural landscapes.

· DuPont State Forest
· Pisgah National Forest
· Gorges State Park

Downtown Brevard

Hit the streets of downtown Brevard and you’ll find all the familiar touchstones of a classic American small town. The old-fashioned soda shop. The 1930s-era movie theater. The locally-owned hardware store. But take a closer look and you’ll soon discover there’s more here than meets the eye. Like cutting-edge galleries, boutiques and bistros that would feel right at home in SoHo or the Left Bank. In fact, Brevard was recently named the “newest arts hub in Western North Carolina” by Blue Ridge Country. So take a stroll. And discover just how vibrant a classic small town can be.

Brevard Music Center

For three quarters of a century, The Brevard Music Center has brought together today’s most celebrated musical talents and tomorrow’s brightest stars for seven weeks on its lush 150-acre campus. The results are, to put it simply, legendary. In the past, Brevard Music Center has welcomed such names as Joshua Bell, Yo-Yo Ma and Renee Fleming. Each year, the Festival features over eighty incomparable performances ranging from eclectic jazz to Broadway musicals to epic operas. A full schedule, performer and ticketing information can be found

5 Smart Reasons to Buy a Home Now

The economy is stabilizing. Home prices are holding. It’s not just as good a time as ever to buy a house. It’s one of the best times ever.

1. Low mortgage rates serve as an equity shock absorber. When buyers borrow at today’s record-low rates, they start building equity as soon as they close. That means they have a little give to absorb a few ups and downs as the still-recovering housing market gains traction.

2. Houses are in move-in condition. Homeowners have continued to spend on maintenance and repair, according to the Harvard Joint Center on Housing. Homeowners who have been holding back kept their houses in good shape while they waited. As those houses enter the market, they are in marked contrast to tattered foreclosures.

3. Terrific houses are coming on the market. Foreclosures are finally starting to clear the system – and this is just the opportunity that owners of many desirable properties have been waiting for.

4. Appraisal regulations are finally aligned with market realities. Fannie Mae has adjusted its appraisal guidelines…again. Now that appraisers have more flexibility to set values that reflect the current market, today’s deals will make it over the finish line.

5. Plenty of programs. Homes are more affordable than they have been for years, but communities have stuck by “workforce housing” programs that encourage middle-class families to buy houses. Buyers who qualify can get a big boost by combining one of these programs with today’s low mortgage rates.

RISMEDIA, July 30, 2010 presents five overlooked reasons why now is a great time to buy a house.

Give us a call today and one of our real estate professionals will be able to assist you in buying a home in Brevard, NC. Remember, “It’s not just as good a time as ever to buy a house. It’s on of the BEST time ever”.

Connestee Falls Realty
Box Score

(From Multiple Listing Service records)
Homes sold as of 8-1:      2010                2009                2008           2007
in Connestee Falls             20                    15                     25               43

Homes sold as of 8-1:     2010                2009                2008            2007
in Transylvania County    163                  110                   153             268
Residences for Sale in Connestee Falls as of 8-1-10 – 165

Residences for Sale in Transylvania County as of 8-1-10 – 894
Prices of Residences sold:                  (Price)            (Price)
Range                               Median             Average
2010    $ 17,000 – $1,600,000         $167,000            $265,128

Connestee Falls
Prices of Residences sold:                  (Price)            (Price)
Range                               Median             Average

2010        $  65,000 – $605,000       $251,500            $294,725
2009        $205,000 – $560,000       $300,000            $336,000
2008        $220,000 – $440,000       $327,500            $335,000
2007        $184,600 – $525,000       $390,000            $371,256

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Summer in Brevard NC – Something for Everyone!.
5 Smart Reasons to Buy a Home Now
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