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Source:  Connestee Falls News/A publication of Connestee Falls Property Owners Association – October 2018

Here below are excerpts taken from the latest quarterly Newsletter.  I hope to follow up from now on each quarter with excerpts from the Connestee Falls News to keep everyone informed of developments and activities on a regular basis.

By:   Jim Whitemore/Connestee Falls General Manager

¨The clubhouse renovation is done!  What a great job and what a wonderful place for our Members and their guests to gather for good food, friendships and fun times.  You really can´t appreciate the full effect of the project without walking through the clubhouse.

  • A Blue Ridge Lounge, so different from the old one; a beautiful state-of-the-art bar with wonderful decorative touches including lighted trusses from out own Connestee Woodworkers, new furniture, wood floors, electronics and acoustics – the list goes on.
  • A newly expanded Grill with another sit-down bar, rustic decor, improved mountain and golf views and efficient kitchen.
  • Stone and wood-accented decor, coffee bar, lighting and storage areas in the Carolina Dining Rooms and Cherokee Room

Look for new menus, better ingredients, consistent preparation and presentation, seasonal and regional specials, enhanced service levels and drink specials – we want to give you every reason to come to your clubhouse and enjoy the best dining and entertainment values available in WNC with your family, friends and guests.

Regarding golf, I´ve met with the Connestee Falls Golf Association, along with Head Golf Professional Trey Wyatt and Course Superintendent Joey Galloway.  As our Connestee Golfers know, this year´s record rainy weather has had a real impact on golf operations, both in terms of course conditions and days available to play.  The CF golf course is a George Cobb-designed mountain golf gem, and we just received an updated Golf Master Plan from John LaFoy, who was a long-time associate (of) and mentored by Mr. Cobb.  The Master Plan most likely will take years to make a reality, but the goal is to restore the course to the original design vision of Mr. Cobb.  While I know everyone doesn´t play golf, it is imperative to make sure we allocate the proper resources and dedication to making sure the course stays an integral part of the community…Spending prudently on the course in the short term will pay handsome dividends in the long term.

We are also looking at the continued implementation of the Community Strategiuc Plan that was approved a few years ago and updated again this year with specific recommendations to the Board of the CFPOA Annual meeting held a few weeks ago…

We continue to work on improving the Connectivity issues within the community.  We have been negotiating lease terms with a cell tower company and hope to have a final draft soon.  Hopefully, the terms can be agreed upon and we can move forward with an installation of a tower in the near future.  This is not just for the convenience factor for a reliable signal, but for the overall safety of our members and their guests.  In the meantime we are adding emergency phone boxes around some of the recreational lake and dam areas that have little or no cell signal.  We have also reengaged discussions with Comporium (our local cable provider)  to see what options may exist in improving both existing services and new services to the Walnut Hollow section of the community.  Hopefully these discussions can provide us some options on how to move forward in providing much needed high speed internet throughout the community.

…I look forward to working with you, the Board  and the Connestee staff to help make this the best community to live and work in Western North Carolina.¨

Source:  Jim Whitmore, General Manager   Image:  stock photo of CF Realty


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  1. Susan Taluto on June 4, 2019 at 6:18 pm

    Hey Jim. We are joe and Susan Taluto on Dotsuwa Court. I understand that you don’t follow Next Door-probably a good policy. Having said that, we are concerned and join into the discussion about the misuse of our parks and lakes by non residents. Is there a solution in the new gate security plan

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