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“A funny thing happened while everyone was obsessing over white kitchens:  Natural wood sneaked back in, creating some of the chic-est spaces around.  For many, natural wood evokes a country feel.  Or perhaps something ultra-traditional.  But today’s natural wood kitchens are modern showplaces that mimic the newest trends we’ve been seeing in wood floors.

” “We predicted that natural materials and warmer finishes would rule the kitchen in 2017.  One way we’re seeing this natural material trend play out. thanks in part to the popularity of minimalism, is with unpainted, unfinished wooden cabinets.” ” said Apartment Therapy…. ” “The casual look combines the sleek style we expect in contemporary kitchens with the natural warmth of wood…” ”

…You know when you’re watching House Hunters Renovations and the couple looking for a home to buy and redo always has diametrically opposed styles?  We could see a stunning kitchen with natural cabinets as a beautiful compromise for a couple who wanted some traditional details like verticle shiplap look on islands and drawer handles…even if just one spouse is insistent on commercial appliances (stainless range & hood), and luxe materials (marble countertops and backsplash), the wood cabinetry brings it all together.

…For a minimalist, modern look, why not run the wood right up the backsplash?  (I think painted or stained wainscoting backsplashes are pretty as well – in the kitchen AND in the bath).

Even a mis-matched look – for example – with wood cabinet on two sides of an island, mixed with two sides of marble.  The texture of the wood sides on the bottom cabinets or drawers is the perfect way to show them off.

Natural wood in a mid-tone brown is also a great counterpoint to an all-white kitchen if you’re not ready to take the plunge all over….for instance, a more traditional island juxtaposed against modern white cabinetry.”

(My Note:  I, for one, am getting tired of keeping my all-white cabinets clean – constantly!  They show every spot and splash – and though, of course, you want to keep a clean kitchen – having to touch-up- clean white cabinets every week gets old after a while!)

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