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SOURCE:  Jaymi Naciri for realtytimes.com

“Already thinking of how to jazz up your home with the latest fall trends and newest colors?  Even in the dead of summer, it’s hard to keep from thinking ahead, especially because autumn decor can be so dreamy.  This year, get a head start on the new season with the fall colors you’ll be seeing a lot of soon.

BLUSH!!  Millennial pink isn’t gone, and in fact, it’s still going strong with demographics far beyond millennials.  But a hot new shade of pink is gaining on it. (Example:  Benjamin Moore’s “Tissue Pink”).  Also, pink contrasts well with another color that is really popular right now:  gray, or metallic hues.

BRASS!!  Speaking of metallic, it’s not going anywhere, according to color experts….they are known classics, but they’ve moved on into neutrals.  No sign of shiny metals waning – and same goes for the iridescent trend.  The human eye can’t NOT look at anything iridescent, pearlized or translucent, since being intrigued by shimmering, shiny objects is “intrinsic to human development.” If you’re looking to bring metallics into your home for fall, today’s finish du jour is brass.

DARK GREEN.  Tired of your all-white kitchen?  Show off that marble with a dark contrast color by splashing deep, rich green – a top color trend for fall  – on the walls and cabinets.

DARK PAINTS.  Forget farmhouse white and gray – this season it’s all about drama (House Beautiful).  Also announced by various paint manufacturers are cozy shades of black – as their Color Of The Year.

MATTE BLACK.  Moody black is included under the dark paint umbrella, but when it comes to black, it’s not a glossy finish that’s being courted.  Get ready to go matte.

CHOCOLATE BROWN….is also on the rise, providing a rich alternative to all that grey that’s been everywhere over the last several years, and the “all-white, minimalistic homes that have taken over (Country Living).  Their article titled “Brown is the new black” notes that “trends are cyclical, and now we’re seeing homeowners embracing earthier shades and a more maximalist style – both of which can either cozy up more modern interiors or enhance historic woodwork of older homes.  Basically, brown is a win-win and anything but basic.” ”

SOURCE:  Jaymi Naciri for realtytimes.com


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