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electrical firesExcerpted from an article by James for realtytimes.com

“All electrical installations in your home are destined to deteriorate with age and continuous use.  When this happens  you are likely to be inconvenienced by unexpected repairs, experience damage to electronic devices, or worse still, experience a fire that will damage your home and injure your family.  It may seem like an uncommon occurrence, but you should keep in mind that over 50,000  home fires that happen each year are caused by electrical malfunctions.  Common malfunctions include electrical distribution system, arcing faults and electrical receptacles.  The following tips will help you in keeping your home safe.

  1. Be on the lookout for danger signs.  Some signs show that there is a problem with your home electrical system:  funny odors, sparks, buzzing sounds, hot outlets, circuit breakers that trip repeatedly and flickering lights.  Flickering lights may be a result of other devices taking in too much power, and sparks show serious wiring problems, while buzzing sounds indicate loose pongs or frayed wires.  You also need to check the wires if the plastic sheath is damaged so that the inner wires are exposed…this can be very dangerous if such damaged wires are in close proximity to water.  The best thing to do when you see these signs is to call a  licensed electric technician to look into the issues and repair them early to avoid a fire hazard.
  2. Schedule regular inspections….by a licensed technician as required.  Electrical devices get weaker with age.  Some signs of trouble are not obvious, and you may not recognize them.Things that are usually assessed include your electrical system, power plugs, outlets, electrical cords and extension cords.  After each inspection, you will receive a report which details the problem areas and what should be done to repair them.
  3. Install smoke detectors.  Home fires including those caused by electrical malfunctions can happen unexpectedly, and if they are caught early, there are high chances of prevention before they become destructive.  Therefore, you should install smoke detectors in every area of your home and check them regularly to ensure they are in good working condition.
  4. Upgrade your electrical system….including panels, circuit breakers, lighting, ceiling fans, etc.  This is crucial in ensuring that you save on energy costs, improve value,update and improve the security and safety of your home.  Old electrical panels can be risky because they are not compliant with current demands and should be upgraded.

Get a licensed electrical technician to check if you have any overloads, a potential electrical fire hazard or shocks, and the absence of grounding.”

SOURCE:  James for realtytimes.com

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