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Source:  Andrea Davis for realtytimes.com

“There are many ways to improve your small front yard without uprooting your driveway or dialing back your front porch.  With the right touches, small front yards can be just as appealing as large ones….

USE SYMMETRY.  Balancing the elements of your yard on either side of your sidewalk – grass, fencing, flowers, shrubs – will make it look grand and inviting, and will also cost less than it would in a larger yard.  You can also find a local landscaper to map out and implement a symmetrical yard plan for you.

MAKE A SEAMLESS TRANSITION.  Use materials like box planters, stone steps, curbing and other design elements on your front porch or patio to extend the yard without cluttering it.  Clear away any overgrowth.

USE A HINT OF COLOR.  If you want to wow people in your small front yard, pick a brightly colored flower, shrub or tree that stands out either on the porch or in the yard itself.  Then use neutral colors around to make it stand out.  This will be the eye-catching piece in your small yard that people will never miss.

HANG BASKETS OF FLOWERS.  Hang flower baskets around your front porch or patio to add fresh color and a natural element to your home without cluttering up the porch area itself… and you can change them every season or every year, depending on the flowers or shrubs you choose.

LIGHT IT UP.  Your front yard might be less appealing at night, so add plenty of lighting.  One option is to install standing, solar powered lamps along the walkway.  Another is to hang lamps on your front porch to illuminate the plants there.  It just depends on how much money and time you want to invest.

REFRESH YOUR FRONT DOOR….with a new coat of paint and new hardware.  Fix any cracks or scratches, and pick a color for the door that complements the exterior landscape…”

Keep your budget in  mind — and don’t over-do or clutter the space!

SOURCE:  Andrea Davis for realtytimes.com  IMAGE:  usago


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  1. Jackson on February 21, 2018 at 3:55 am

    I was looking for landscaping ideas for my small front yard and this gives me a lot of good ideas. Thanks, Mr. Watson. I’ve been looking at other articles as well for more front yard inspiration – this one (https://carveyourcreation.com/small-front-yard-landscaping-ideas), for example, talks about using flowering plants like you do here. Do you have any examples of specific species that are great for this purpose? Thanks!

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