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Oskar_Blues_Old_ChicagoExcerpted from an article by Tony Kiss for the Asheville Citizen/Times.

“Oskar Blues Brewery saw another year of strong beer sales in 2015, powered in part by its plant in Brevard, which turned out 90,000 barrels last year…with an expansion in Brevard heading to the finish line, that brewery will be situated to turn out as many as 200,000 barrels, company spokesman Chad Melis said.  Another new Oskar Blues brewery in Austin,  TX will add 30,000 barrels to the mix, along with the 102,000 barrels produced last year by the flagship in Longmont, Colorado.

Oskar Blues, which launched the canned craft beer movement, opened its Brevard brewery in 2012 and with the expansion may eventually pass the Longmont operation in beer production, Melis said.  The Brevard brewery, which has a staff of 40, may see “some incremental additions” in employment, he said.

Oskar Blues had 30% growth in its beer sales from 2014-15.  Its best-selling Dale’s Pale Ale saw a 43% fiscal year-to-date increase.  Another big push came from the introduction of two canned India Pale Ales – Pinner Throwback IPA and Oskar Blues IPA, which combined make up 18% of the company’s brand mix.

The brewery continues to do its part in national disasters, sending canned water from Brevard to assist in SC flood relief, to tornado victims in TX and most recently to Flint, MI, where water quality issues have greatly worried residents.

In 2016, Oskar Blues will introduce new beers to its line…mostly likely they will be Beerito, a lower alcohol Vienna amber that was made for sale in Utah, which has restrictive brew laws, and possibly a wheat beer.  The company is also boosting its line of soft drinks to be sold in North and South Carolina…the new flavors are Ginger Beer, Black Cherry and Orange Cream, which will join the Root Beer sold under the name B Stiff and Sons.”

SOURCE:  Tony Kiss, “The Beer Guy”, for Asheville Citizen-Times

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