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SOURCE:  Excerpted from an article by Jaymi Naciri for realtytimes.com

“If  you’re thinking about doing your floors, you’ve probably done countless hours of research online, visited several stores, and pored over colors, textures, sizes and styles.  You may have some idea of what you like, but is it a good choice for your lifestyle or your budget?  We’re breaking down pros and cons of most popular trends in flooring today….

WIDE PLANK.    Most predominant trend in flooring today.  PRO:  The popularity of this type of flooring means there is a wide variety  of options, from smooth engineered flooring to barn-siding.  CON:  DIY installation can be trickier because you’re working with such a large area.

DISTRESSED.  This style has been around for awhile.  It undergoes artificial aging and styling processes that give it a slightyly worn finish, and works best for spaces where a beautiful rustic look is desired.  To prepare for laying this kind of new floor, various actions are taken depending on degree and style of distress desired.  Edges are hand-scraped or finished, swirl and kerf markings are added to imitate historic wood and planks are brushed to remove glossing and given them a soft, worn tesxture.  PRO:  Because the flooring is already distressed, it’s a good choice for households with kids and dogs.  CON:  When smoother wood looks come back into style, distressed flooring may be difficult to re-finish, depending on the depth of the initial distressing.

LUXURY VINYL:  Another fast-growing segment of flooring choices because today’s vinyl plans can fool the eye, and sometimes the foot – and fingers too.  They look like the real thing, but often come at a much lower cost.  PRO:  Choose vinyl plans that “float” and you can go right over the top of existing flooring, which makes it easier for those who don’t want to do any demolition.  Luxury vinyl is also very durable and easy to take care of – great for active households.  CON:  The best vinyl plank product will get close to the price of real wood unless you are lucky enough to catch a sale – and – it’s not wood.

LIGHTER FLOORS:  As more homeowners embrace the light, airy feel in their home, you see a huge resurgence in light wood floors.  Blonde wood, in particular can give you that feel, while still feeling timeless.  With blonde wood, your decorating possibilities are endless.  You can go for a chic, contemporary feel; or a rustic, homey vibe all without changing your floors.  PRO:  Depending on how light you go, you may be able to enjoy an added benefit of disguising dirt!  Also, blonde wood makes any room feel larger and more open, especially if you use large planks.   CON:  If trends hold, darker wood will come back at some point, so if keeping up with trends is important to you, light wood flooring may not be a long-term good choice.

GRAY FINISHES:  These are increasingly common and are a 2018 flooring trend.  They provide a unique, clean look that fits well in modern homes that need to brighten up.  PRO:  They look fresh and can make any home feel more current.  CON:  Again, will the style pendulum swing back to brown?  Eventually, it probably will.  Also, gray can lack the warmth of more traditional, natural-colored wood flooring.

BAMBOO:  Those who love green loved bamboo floors for years because of the material’s eco-friendliness.  Bamboo is considered as the fastest-growing woody plant, reaching full maturity in five to six years.  PRO:  Bamboo is known to be very strong and durable, and, whereas options used to be somewhat limited, a growing green trend means more looks for buyers interested in eco-friendly floors.  CON:   Bamboo can be pricier than many other options.

WOOD-LOOK TILE:  There is a huge trend toward going with tiles that look like wood instead of using real wood.  These are porcelain planks that are designed to mimic natural wood grains, and are an attractive and durable floor trend.  PRO:  With 3D printing,the looks you can achieve are endless, and mimic the appearance of wood so closely that people may not even realize it’s not wood.  Wood-look tile is also a great choice for areas like bathrooms or other spaces prone to dampness, and is easy to clean and care for.  CON:  It IS hard under foot…..and it’s not wood.”

SOURCE:  Jaymi Naciri for realtytimes.  IMAGE:  diynetwork – Pixabay free



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