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“According to Wallace J. Nichols, in his book “Blue Mind,” our brains are hardwired to react positively to water (http://www.huffingtonpost.lcom/2016/02/25/m,ental-benefits-water_n_5791024.html).  Our predisposition to embrace water might be the reason being near it can actually calm us.

But water lovers probably don’t need to be told how relaxing their lakefront yard is, or how much they enjoy unwinding alongside the water.  To spend even more time in the great outdoors on your lakefront property, design your own oasis with relaxation in mind.  Here are five ways to get started…

CREATE A WATERSIDE SITTING AREA.  To maximize your time outdoors, create a waterside sitting area to relax with guests or just by yourself with a glass of wine.  Sloping lakefront properties might benefit from a staircase down to the dock or shoreline. Place a few colorful lounge chairs and small weather-resistant tables to entertain while sitting lakeside.  During the day, it transforms into a prime spot to watch friends and kids playing in the water.  A wine tote or basket with all the ingredients to make fresh cocktails makes the perfect complement to waterside seating.

ADD AN OVERSIZED HAMMOCK.  No lake front property is complete without an oversized hammock.  Even cities like Minneapolis, locals are setting up hammocks in public parks and campuses for a short rest and relaxation.  Install a grand trunk double travel hammock for outdoor roughing it and camping right in your own backyard alongside the lake.  A Folding Camp Hammock is also a great choice for something more temporary that you can take up and down and move around your yard as needed.

CREATE AN OUTDOOR ENTERTAINING SPACE.   If you have the space for a large deck or patio, considering turning it into an entertaining space.  Set up outdoor furniture resembling a living room set to bring the comforts of home outside….”

(Note – about Connestee Falls…Some boatdocks are large enough to comfortably hold a nice set of outdoor furniture with little tables to set down your drinks.  A solid, large cooler covered with a tray or nice wood plank can also serve as a “coffee table” type piece.  Adding a few container plants with brightly-colored foliage or blooms is a popular way to spice up your lakeside area.  FIREPITS….mentioned in this article, are not allowed in Connestee Falls because of the fire hazard to our beautiful mixed hardwood and pine forests.)

SOURCE:  realtytimes staff for realtytimes.com  IMAGE:  realtytimes.com



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