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sunscreen_16x9This year, sunscreen manufacturers are required to make a few important changes to their sunscreen labels.  These changes will help you make the healthiest sunscreen choice for your family.

LABEL CHANGES:  Last year, the FDA informed the makers of sunscreen that this June (just past), some of the claims on their packaging needed to be revised.  The new guidelines will force manufacturers to stop claiming that their product is sweatproof or waterproof.  Also, products labeled “Broad Spectrum” must meet the FDA’s standards for protecting against both types of ultraviolet rays, UVA and UVB.  Anti-aging products will also have to be “Broad Spectrum” with a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of at least 15.

As for potentially dangerous ingredients found inside the bottle…if you look at the label of most sunscreens, you’ll see oxybenzone listed as an active ingredient.  Here’s the problem:  once absorbed into the skin, oxybenzone can be easily converted to free radicals when exposed to sunlight…and those free radicals in our skin can lead to everything from wrinkles to cancer.

Your best option is to find sunscreen without oxybenzone.  Mineral-based suncreens containing zinc oxide and titanium dioxide provide powerful protection without the health concerns…but finding these safer alternatives takes a little work.  And another word of warning:  don’t be tempted by spray and powder sunscreen options.  As you apply the sunscreen, particles can easily be inhaled into your lungs.

How can you find the right suncreen for you?  The Environmental Working Group makes it easy at www.ewg.org.  Each year they update their database, where you can search by specific brand name to see how each product rates.

A little extra work will help you keep your family safer in the strong summer sun.

SOURCE:  DoYourPart ™ For Everyday Green Living/www.doyourpart.com

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