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Don’t be shocked when you go to purchase your next new car.  Some features you may expect to be included are not there anymore.  Call it the march of time, or the onslaught of technology, but there are seven features your next car mostly likely will not have.

  • Manual Transmission:  automatic transmissions know when to shift better than you do, and return better fuel mileage.  Less than 4% of cars sold in the U.S. last year had manuals – even Porsche and Jaguar.
  • Mechanical Parking Brake – it’s now electronic, actuated at the touch of a button.
  • Keys – now we have “smart” key fobs..although they’ll probably be replaced soon by smartphone apps.
  • Spare Tire – yes…in a world where automakers are watching every ounce in order to maximize fuel economy, ditching the spare time and jack saves 26 pounds.
  • Gas Cap…there is likely to be a sealing gasket there instead.
  • Ashtrays…Buh Bye!  Hello to space for mobile phones, USB ports and  other techno-goodies.
  • CD Player…most music is now purchased digitally.  Some cars may offer software to connect to a digital device.
  • Bench Seats…bucket seats are sportier.  Too bad, extra back-seat passenger!

SOURCE:  RISMedia/Larry Printz, automotive editor at The Virginian-Pilot, Norfolk, VA

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