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stagingahomeExcerpted from an article by Realty Times Staff

“…..when you are having your home shown to potential buyers, you want them to see it as a home they could live in.  That’s where staging comes in.  According to Coldwell Banker, homes that were staged spent half the time on the market than homes that were not, and they also sold for about 6% more.  There are several ways you can stage the home you’re selling with spending a lot on a decorator or doing any major renovations…here are a few tips…

  1.  DON’T UNDERESTIMATE CURB APPEAL.  The outside is the first thing buyers see, and if they don’t like it, it can turn them off to the entire property.  Foxing the outside aesthetic of your home doesn’t have to be pricey.  There are simple upgrades you can do yourself around your property – like power-washing the siding and sidewalks, cutting the lawn, planting new flowers and shrubs, and repainting.  A fresh coat of paint on the front door is a good thing.  (Pay attention especially to the landscaping around the front door.  A couple of nice containers with fresh flowers or shrubs make an outside entrance welcoming.)
  2. CREATE A SCENE.  The National Association of Realtors suggests creating lifestyle vignettes to show potential buyers what their life could be like in specific rooms.  This can be helpful in houses with odd spaces, to prod the imagination of a potential buyer.  Buyers want to see what their life would look like in each room.  Suggestions:  subtly scented candles, freshly arranged bouquets or a tray of drinks…(a nook with a book open on a comfortable chair – a game table with cards – a tray on the kitchen countertop with a pitcher and pretty glasses on display…)
  3. CLEAR OUT THE CLUTTER.  Too many items, especially personal items, can make a home seem smaller and dingy, as well as distract from some of the better features of the property.  Pack up about 90% of what is in the home before showing it.  Kid’s toys, personal photos and mementos and anything worn out or broken should be put away.
  4. GO NEUTRAL!  Bright or unusual wall colors may suit you, but may turn off someone else… the same goes for decor that is too masculine or too feminine.  You want people or families to see themselves living in the home, so using neutral colors and decor can help them imagine their own  touches (and furnishings) throughout each room — especially the master bedroom.  Make sure the walls and bedding are a neutral color and use clean linens and modern artwork to create a fashionable space with potential.”  (Clean out, straighten up and deodorize your closets!)
  5. HERE’S A SUGGESTION THAT IS NOT MENTIONED IN THE ARTICLE – BUT IS MINE ALONE – as are the suggestions in parentheses above.  If you are a baker, or have a bread machine – like I do – USE IT before showings.  People love the aroma of fresh baked goods, especially bread, when they walk into a home.  If you don’t have that natural urge to bake, buy yourself a bunch of refrigerated crescent rolls or such and bake up a batch every day or so….it will make your home smell like…HOME!

SOURCE:  realtytimes.com –

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