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Source:  Realty Times Staff

“Just as you prepare your home for the winter by covering outside pipes, etc., there are also a number of things homeowners should do to ready their homes for warmer weather.  With spring in full swing, check out the following list of home-related chores and checkups you may want to do before summer arrives.

CHECK FOR PESTS:  As plants, flowers and bushes began to come back to life with the warmer weather, so did a variety of pests.  Every spring, walk the perimeter of your home checking for signs of infestations.  Look for evidence of termites in the wood, either by seeing the insects with your own eyes or by seeing damage to the wood or their droppings.  Also watch for ant hills, bees swarming in trees, and places where four-legged critters like squirrels and raccoons might be able to get into the attic.  Do the same inside your home.  If you have spotted a roach in the bathroom or camel crickets in the kitchen, chances are good there are  more of the insects that you cannot see.  I you spot a large number of bees building a hive, call a bee removal company that will safely relocate them, and if you see other evidence of pests you may want to call an exterminator for help.

EXAMINE SPRINKLERS/HOSES.  Repair and replace if necessary.

EXAMINE THE ROOF:  Depending on how pitched or large your roof is, and how comfortable you are with heights, you can carefully do this inspection yourself or hire a roofing company.  If you do this on your own, examine the roof shingles or tiles to see if any were damaged or blew off during the winter, and check the flashing around skylights and chimneys to be sure it is tight and not allowing water to seep into the house.  (If you are going up on the roof, have a buddy standing below on the ground to keep an eye on you!)

TRIM AWAY OVERGROWN BRANCHES:  In general, try to keep the branches about 5 or 6 feet away from the sides and roof of the house to prevent critters from having a highway to hop onto your roof and prevent spring rains from getting onto the roof and sides of your home.”

SOURCE:  Realtytimes.com staff    IMAGE:  homeprohomeinspections.com



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