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squirrelinattic2Excerpts from article by Diana Marszalek for the Associated Press:

“…Experts say that most squirrels – even ones  old enough to fend for themselves – won’t survive being  moved.  They succumb to everything from turf wars to an inability to adapt to new habitats.  So…relocation is a feel-good myth.   And (obviously) removing a mother squirrel without her litter has a dreadful outcome.

Ned Bruha, who does business as The Skunk Whisperer in Oklahoma City, is another of the country’s few specialists in humane wildlife removal.  He says the wiser move – in addition to leaving the job to the pros  – would be to let the squirrels hunker down until they ware ready to leave the attic on their own, and provide them with a one-way door.

There’s no real risk in letting them hang out awhile; the danger of squirrels doing damage like chewing through wires is overblown.  At the same time, when the animals do move, at least they are in familiar surroundings.  Without remedial and preventive repairs, however, you’ll likely have another tenant in no time, as there is no shortage of squirrels looking for a place to live.

“If you have squirrels in your attic, you do not have a squirrel problems.  You have a house problem”, Bruha says.  “And if you treat this as a building problem and not a wildlife problem, you are going to have longer-term results.”  Once the animals are definitely out,  deodorize their former home and its surroundings with an industrial-strength cleanser designed specifically to neutralize the odors that wildlife like squirrels leave behind and that will attract others.

Next, repair the areas the squirrels have been using to go in and out of your attic, and make sure they don’t create new entry points.  Preventing that doesn’t require elaborate repairs. Identify the spots squirrels might chew through – old attic screens and roof vents among others.  “There is no reason to make your house look like Fort Knox to keep them out forever”, Bruha says.

Experts stress the importance of working with an expert in humane wildlife removal if necessary.

SOURCE:  Diana Marszalek/Associated Press/Asheville Citizen-Times


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