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truvolodeviceFor the Jain family of San Jose, CA, the prospect of their teenage son starting to drive led directly to their start-up venture.  Truvolo, or “true speed” in Latin, aims to monitor car health and improve driving habits through data embedded in every auto’s computer.

“It wasn’t about wanting to spy on him, but about making him a better driver….we looked at the statistics, and the first year of anyone’s driving life has the most incidents, simply because you think you know everything but, of course, you don’t.”

Truvolo’s key components include a transmitter that plugs into a car’s Android-based app that synthesizes that data into useful bites.  It monitors both car and driver.  The former’s status is constantly checked by the computers in modern cars.  But where that information is typically reserved for mechanics,  “we can send you alerts that suggest taking a look at aspects of your car before it breaks down”, says Jaideep Jain, whose work in the semiconductor equipment field focused on predicting when laser-etching machines would break down.

Using a built-in accelerometer, Truvolo takes note of G-forces that translate to abrupt acceleration, deceleration and swerving, all of which are reported via the app at the end of each trip.  (The device doesn’t relay information until the end of the trip to avoid distracting the driver while driving.)

SOURCE:  Marco della Cava/USA TODAY/Asheville Citizen Times

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