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Source:  Courtesy of ASAP/Special to Asheville Citizen-Times/USA Today Network

¨The adage goes, ¨an apple a day keeps the doctor away,¨ and according to some studies, for some ailments, this can hold true.  But does it apply to all apples equally, and what about apple cider and apple cider donuts?

Farms across our region have apples and apple products at area tailgate and farmers markets…throughout October, different varieties will be ripe for harvest.  Each of these has different qualities of flavor, nutrition profile and culinary uses.  This month is a great time to be an apple explorer.

B&L Organics & Tucker´s Garden (N. Asheville Tailgate Market and W. Asheville Tailgate Market) have organic and wild heirloom apples that look the part.  But don´t let their appearance deter you.  They pack flavor and — depending on the variety — have great texture too.

Also, produce with more bruises and blemishes are richer in nutrients.  The marks are the effect of stressors such as frost and  hail, and as the plant experiences those challenges, it builds up more nutrients to survive and thrive.  Then all that goodness gets passed on to us when we eat them.

…Cultivated fruits from regular orchards (also) have a full  matrix of tart, sweet and texture-diverse apples.  Try many kinds to discover your favorites for snacking, baking and adding to savory dishes.

Apple cider and apple-cider donuts may not pack the nutrients that whole apples offer, but they´re a wonderfully delicious tradition and a great treat to celebrate the season….In addition, to all the apples you find at market, there are many ¨u-pick¨ opportunities across the region.  Visit appalachiangrown.org to find farms to visit for apple picking.

You can find info about farms, tailgate markets and farm stands, including locations and hours, by visiting ASAP´s online Local Food Guide at appalachiangrown.org.¨

Transylvania Farmers´ Market in Brevard, NC is open all year round.  Check out their web and Facebook pages for times and events.

Source:  ASAP/Asheville Citizen-Times/USA Today Network

Image:  Pixabay Free

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