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At Connestee Falls Realty, our customers are our trusted friends, and we really care about your needs!

What our professional staff has to offer you:

  • NC Real Estate Brokers with many years of Real Estate experience.
  • Extensive knowledge of Connestee Falls, Brevard and Transylvania County.
  • Contacts and recommendations on many local builders, home designers, and interior decorators.

As the number 1 Real Estate firm in Connestee Falls since 1972, we offer a variety of meticulously maintained listed resale & new homes and condominiums. We’re sure to find one to suit your taste and budget. We are all vested & involved in Connestee Falls, Brevard, and Transylvania County as Residents.

You’re bound to find the perfect spot in our gorgeous 3,900 acre gated mountain community, Brevard or Transylvania County. Let us find you a home or bring us your house plans and let us help you select the ideal design for the lot of your choice!

lynda hysong

Agent: Lynda Hysong

Phone: 828-885-2015
Cell Phone (Lynda): 828-553-2779
Cell Phone (John): 828-883-7164
Fax: 828-885-2610



Agent: Susan Green

Phone: 828-885-2015
Cell Phone: 828-553-9094
Fax: 828-885-2610


restate man

Agent: Bill Watson

Phone: 828-885-2015
Cell Phone: 828-273-8377
Fax: 828-885-2610



Agent: Mike Badger

Phone: 828-885-2015
Cell Phone: 828-577-1853
Fax: 828-885-2610



Agent: Bridgette Shuler

Phone: 828-885-2015
Cell Phone: 828-577-2440
Fax: 828-885-2610

tom perry

Agent: Tom Perry

Phone: 828-885-2015
Cell Phone: 828-553-7317
Fax: 828-885-2610


Agent: Nita Kersey

Phone: 828-885-2015
Cell Phone: 828-885-2015
Fax: 828-885-2610

nolan mls

Agent: Nolan Riess

Phone: 828-885-2015
Cell Phone: 828-407-6213
Fax: 828-885-2610


Agent: Sarah Hysong

Phone: 828-885-2015
Cell: 828-577-5961
Fax: 828-885-2610


Agent:  James Baudoin

Phone: 828-885-2015
Cell Phone: 828-279-4835
Fax: 828-885-2610

DJ Headshot

Agent:  DJ Golden

Phone: 828-885-2015
Cell Phone: 305-608-6768
Fax: 828-885-2610

Serving all Transylvania County & Connestee Falls Information Center

We’ll move mountains to make your dreams come true!

North Carolina, Brevard and Transylvania County are rated as one of the best places to retire in the United States by “Your Money,” “Consumers Digest,” “Money Guide,” and “Golf Magazine.”

We have been the leading Real Estate firm in the Connestee Falls area for 30+ years because we know the market and can help you find your dream home here in Connestee Falls or anywhere in Transylvania County. Give us a call today!