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What are the Mountain Picklers?

We call ourselves the Mountain Picklers and we are, without a doubt, the fastest growing sport here in Connestee Falls Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the US, but people always look at us with that quizzical expression and ask, “What is pickleball?  I’ve never heard of it..”  Well, the game is a dwarf version of tennis, or an over-grown version of ping pong (table tennis).  Fast paced, but not pounding on your joints like tennis, the skills needed for pickleball are less complicated than tennis.

It is played with a paddle, rather than a strung racket and a lighter ball. I could continue to TRY to explain the game, but why not come down to court 5 and try it out.  We play there almost every day.  And on Monday and Wednesday mornings, we have sessions for beginners or those who want to dust off their experienced paddles after a long winters nap.  We have paddles you can borrow, balls, nets and a group of incredible people there to help you with the skills, rules, and get you out there on the court, enjoying the game.

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