Connestee Falls Mountain Lakes

Life in Connestee Falls

Connestee has four Beautiful Mountain Lakes

“Live Where You Play” is living in the mountains on a lake. Connestee Falls offers that with

one of the most impressive private lake systems in Western North Carolina. 

A few facts about the lakes: 

  • Lake Atagahi 80 Acres • 59′ Deep • 2890′ Above Sea Level
  • Lake Ticoa 75 Acres • 92′ Deep • 2810′ Above Sea Level 
  • Lake Tiaroga 31 Acres • 32′ Deep • 2950′ Above Sea Level 
  • Lake Wanteska 45 Acres • 62′ Deep • 2440′ Above Sea Level

The watersheds for all four lakes are completely within the community boundaries allowing complete control over our lake water being clear and pristine.  

A stocking program ensures there are plenty of fish for healthy aquatics and to please resident fishing enthusiasts. All lakes have boat-launching ramps and three offer storage areas for small boats.

Gasoline powered watercraft are not allowed in the lakes to ensure their water quality, availability to take a swim, and the quiet environment that surrounds them.  

Fish Species Found in our Lakes

(in alphabetical order):

Bass, Largemouth

Bass, Smallmouth (rarely seen)

Bass, Striped (very rare)

Bluegill (frequently called bream `brim`) 

Carp, Grass 

Catfish (Blue Channel)

Perch, Yellow

Trout, Rainbow 

Click here to see the Connestee Falls Fishing Club site! 

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