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Lynda Hysong is the former owner and a current agent at Connestee Falls Realty. She transferred ownership of the brokerage in 2020 to her daughter, Sarah, who has worked alongside her since 2015. Lynda enjoys spending time with her family and still works closely with Sarah. Lynda also has 25 years of experience as a bank branch manager and mortgage loan originator. Lynda is very involved in serving the community of Brevard and Transylvania County. “Connestee Falls Realty TEAM’s Performance Outsells Promises”. 

I grew up in the town of Maumee, located in Northwest Ohio, and then spent 15 years in Southeastern Florida. I found my forever home in Brevard, in the midst of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina, where I have lived since 1988. My favorite saying is "God Will'en & the Creek Don't Rise" — I would not choose to live anywhere else. We have the great fortune to be in an area where 49% of our county is State and National Forest, with over 250 waterfalls, great hiking trails, mountain lakes, and breathtaking views of the mountains as the seasons change. Downtown Brevard is vibrant with a variety of storefronts, art galleries, coffee shops, great family owned restaurants and much more. We have a 4-year college that is over 150 years old, a 2-year community college, 20+ camps (one of which is the world-renowned Brevard Music Center) and lots of friendly, giving, supportive folks. You can see why I am grateful to be living in the mountains of WNC!


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Lynda and her daughter Sarah were invaluable not only in the recommendation and hiring of some of the work staff, but in diligently overseeing the work, reporting back with any issues, coordinating the entry of the work staff and the lock-up afterwards. During the entire period they continued to show the house, which, (at the peak of work process), presumably required a great deal of imagination in order to give the potential buyer an idea of how the finished product would appear. Through it all, they were upbeat, friendly and positive in their approach to the entire project. Fred Van Assche
As we began inquiring from others in the community, we repeatedly heard Lynda’s name! Lynda met us at the house and gave us reccomendations of things that needed to be done, which we followed through with getting completed. She also arranged for us to have feedback from anyone who viewed the house. We had never had any feedback previously. The house sold within a short time after that! We would definitely recommend Lynda as a realtor who would work, not only to sell your property, but also to keep you informed as to what is happening throughout the process! We certainly wish we had chosen her initially as our realtor! Buddy and Carole M.
Lynda Hysong is our agent of choice in Connestee Falls! She is an extremely great communicator, which we value above all else. She is currently helping us sell our condo in Qualla Village in Connestee Falls and is very encouraging and positive in her interactions with clients and advice to us. Plus, we just love her sparkling personality!

-Donna & Craig Lovejoy Brevard, NC

We decided to list with Lynda, after asking around, and checking with other realtors. We liked her approach to the selling of this very loved 2nd home, and completed the paperwork on a Thur. afternoon. On Sat they came over for measurements and photos, asked if we could be out while one of her people showed the house---it sold that afternoon to those people. Selling price was greater than what I had come up with using what I had found on Zillow and other listings, and she could tell me why on each of the listings were worth less than our price. We miss the house, but are thankful, for the ease of sale and move! Thank you Lynda.

- AC & BC Fort Myers, FL

Lynda is a consummate Real Estate professional who has great knowledge in her field, outstanding customer service and goes above and beyond in finding the right property for her buyers. From our initial meeting to our closing, Lynda was there for us 100%. There was nothing that Lynda would not do for us in our search for the "perfect" home. Thank you Lynda.

-Pam Brevard, NC

I recently purchased a home in Brevard, NC. Other than the day we actually looked at homes, the entire transaction was long distance. Lynda was in the loop the whole way and made sure we got to closing on time. Thanks, Lynda!!

- Lilam Brevard, NC

My house was admittedly a tough one to sell. It's an older house, structurally sound but needing updates, and it does not have the open floor plan preferred by many buyers. Before putting the house on the market Lynda did a walk-through with me and let me know exactly what should be done to make the house appealing to buyers. Then she marketed the property extensively, stressing its strong points. At every step of the way she was straightforward and patient with me, and I think she was just as happy as I was when the house sold. Lynda was absolutely the right realtor for me, and I have recommended her to several friends.

-Judy Potter Brevard, NC

Lynda is EXTREMELY knowledgeable about WNC and Connestee Falls in particular. We had a couple offers we made fall through and thought a house was just not in the cards for us. However, because of her local contacts, Lynda found a house for us that was not on the market at the time, but she knew the owner wanted to sell sooner or later. She made it look effortless but I know there was a lot of work involved to put us in the house. Lynda listened to our needs and desires, and her perseverance in making the deal happen was incredible. Lynda is the best!

-Susan Griffin Brevard, NC

We especially liked her marketing plan which included not only professional photographs of all the rooms inside our house but also several exterior shots including footage from a drone fly-over. We also experienced Lynda’s excellent professional relationship with the “showing” realtors from other firms in both Brevard and Hendersonville. Tying up some of our loose ends both before and after the closing (and even after we had moved to Virginia) was a most welcomed plus.We know of no other Realtor for selling property in Connestee Falls that we would recommend. - Fred and Iris D.
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